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Sasikala wont be making candles in jail, will keep her at the entrance to welcome inmates with folded hands: Jail Superintendent

16, Feb 2017 By @jurnoleast

Bengaluru: Sasikala who started her 4 year jail term yesterday has already been assigned her duties. But contrary to what was reported in certain sections of the media that she would be part of the ‘candle making unit’, Jail superintendent has clarified that she wont be making candles, But she would in fact be asked to stand near the entrance to welcome news inmates.


“Yes it’s true. While most other inmates have been assigned duties based on their skills and capabilities, we were  not sure about what’s to be done with Sasikala. She’s always appeared on TV with folded hands devoid of any expression. There is only one way we could use those skills and that is by keeping her at the entrance and welcome new inmates,” said a jail official.

“She will be in-charge of the ‘Onboarding and Induction’ of all new convicts. Similar to how it happens in IT companies,” he added.

Superintendent further said that it was the corporate culture of the city that influenced the environment of the jail and Sasikala would be playing the part of HR. “Her responsibilities would go beyond ‘festival decorations’. Maintaining headcount, keeping a track of birthdays and conducting appraisals would be some of things she’d be looking into,” said the official.

Jail authorities were hopeful that at the end of 4 years if Sasikala is not able to revive her political career, she might atleast be hired in an IT company as HR manager.