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Sasural's conclusion: Newlywed doesn’t know anything after she couldn’t make a round roti on day 1

02, Oct 2017 By dasu

Noida: Nandini got married to Arun belonging to a well to do family and as the mediator claimed before marriage, a family with a nice blend of modern thinking and respect for traditional values.

It did not take long time for Nandini to see how a ‘modern thinking’ family reacts when the rotis served on their plate is not perfectly round. “The rotis I have prepared were not of Australia or Sri Lanka shape. They were ok to eat. However, some of them set the expectation on day 1, that is roti should always be of perfect round shape, like the shape of a football that FIFA uses in its tournaments,” said Nandini.

Less than 24 hours have not gone for Nandini in the new house, came the verdict.  “The girl who cannot make a round a roti, uske to kuch nahin pata hoga. Lagta hai hamara Arun ka Kismat hi kharab hai,” said one of the bua of Arun who did not like the roti shape, but ate eight pieces during dinner because she had not eaten anything after afternoon snacks.

Bua Ji was a lot worried about Arun’s Fufa Ji’s stomach who ate few out-of-shape rotis, was giving him two pudin hara tablets for better digestion. “If she did not know she could have told us. I would have helped her. Iss education ka kya value hai. Fault is with Nadini’s parents. If they are sending her to sasural, should have trained her perfectly,” said Bua Ji who studied till eighth class but she knew how to make a round roti from the time she was eight.

Arun who was busy in booking honeymoon package, whenever he got some time was checking online if he can buy a roti maker for Nandini. Bua Ji was strictly against it and was found telling Arun’s mom “You should not allow all these at home. It is in your hands how you would like to groom Nandini”. Arun understood where is the problem. He was asking his travel agent if he can swap his honeymoon package with a pilgrimage package for Bua Ji and Fufa Ji till Nandini ‘learns’ how to make a round roti.