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SBI employee turns away lunch delivery person because it was lunch time

26, Oct 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

SBI employees are the most punctual of all in India. They never miss out on the lunch time and sometimes the lunch times are spread throughout the day as they feel that lunch is what keeps them active and motivated for the whole day of work. SBI employees are seldom seen turning away customers saying that its lunchtime and they should visit after sometime. But a bizarre incident was reported today when a SBI employee actually turned away the person who was there to deliver lunch. Shwetank Srivastava, who has been working with SBI for the past 12 years, did something which was never done in the history of SBI.


Shwetank has been a hard working employee for years. In fact he spreads out his lunch time in such a way that he can cater to maximum customers. I mean how many employees actually do it, very few. He has been so habituated of turning away people that now he doesn’t have to initiate even a eye contact with the customer while turning him away. Yesterday was the historic day when Shwetank, who had ordered lunch from an online delivery app, turned away the person who had come there to deliver his lunch. He had ordered food at around 12 PM and at 1 PM when the delivery guy showed up, Shwetank din’t bother to even ask the purpose for which the guy had come. The delivery guy was asked to visit after some time and he obliged to do so. It was only when some colleagues made Shwetank cognizant of the mistake he did, that he realized and called the restaurant.

SBI senior management has issued a circular which states that before turning away a customer, every employee should at least ask the purpose for which he/she is there. This way SBI can maintain the decorum required to create a trust level between customers and India’s largest PSU bank.