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SC declares Triple Talaq unconstitutional, Engineers request government to strike down triple backlogs too

25, Aug 2017 By Guest Patrakar

On 22nd August, The Supreme Court struck down the validity of instant triple talaq by a majority of 3:2 with a special bench comprised of 5 judges. Soon after the verdict, a special back bench of 4 students wrote a letter to PM Narendra Modi requesting him to strike down the triple backlogs. 


Backlog refers to the number of courses that haven’t been passed. In engineering courses, one can have a maximum of three failed subjects before one has to repeat the entire year or semester. 

On Wednesday, a group of more than 15000 engineers from various parts of the country started a peaceful march to PMO for striking down the triple backlog concept. Protest was lead by Mr. Dinesh Pauchari, who currently has 13 backlogs. 

Faking News reporter spoke to Dinesh Pachori. Dinesh said “India is doing away with all the regressive practices that no longer make sense. Triple backlogs work only as burden and restrict students from performing better. We must stop looking back and forget the past so that we can focus better on our future”. Mr. Pachori further added “Marks are just numbers and don’t tell anything about a student”

While the education system does need reforms, the question is whether the government will pay any heed to these engineers with backlog. Also, considering failed engineers are a majority in the society , it seems difficult that they will get a verdict in their favour. Keep reading faking news for more updates on the matter.