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SC lifts ban on dance bars in Maharashtra, wants them to be called Centre for Performing Arts instead

17, Jan 2019 By @jurnoleast

Maharashtra Govt’s ban on dance bars was today lifted by the Supreme Court and while pronouncing the judgement also pointed out that they (dance bars) be henceforth called as Center for Performing Arts.

While clearly overlooking that the fact that in the past these dance bars have served as prostitution dens, the judge remarked that a many of the women who dance at these bars are sole bread winner and that their family depends on these bars. Supreme Court also made the observation that the dancers were professionally trained and hence their dance moves should be seen as an art form.

“All dance bars will have to change their names in compliance of the SC order within 15 days from starting business,” said a senior lawyer of the apex court.

The judgement was met with cheers by dance bar owners in Mumbai city, who all this while were waiting to get their business going. Sudhir Shetty, owner of Deepa Dance Bar and Restaurant in Chembur was seen removing an old worn out board of Deepa Dance Bar which will be replace by a board that reads Deepa Center of Performing Arts.

Some bar owners however had mixed feeling over the judgement. “Dance bar chalu kiya woh achcha hai. Lekin ye performing arts kya hai. Aur bolte hai ki bar me sirf classical music chalna chahiye. Aisa karinga toh cushtomber(customer) kidhar se aayinga,” questioned one owner.

It’s not just the name, the judgement which runs into several pages has asked dance bars to serve green tea instead of alcohol and boiled chana instead of fried stuff as snacks. There is no word yet from The Association of Dance Bar Owner on these restrictions but insider say that a leniency may be sought in the future.