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All the scantily clad women who brought ‘shame’ to state will not be spared: Karnataka Home Minister

06, Jan 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: While speaking to the press on mass molestation that happened on new year’s eve in Bengaluru, Karnataka Home Minister has assured everyone that police will not spare anyone who have conspired to bring shame to the city. “I am sorry to say this, but this also includes all those scantily clad women who turned up at MG Road on that fateful night”, the Home Minister said.

Women defaming the state with their dresses
Women defaming the state with their dresses

While giving us more insights on the exact happenings that night, the Home Minister said, “Firstly, I don’t understand why this incident is being hyped so much, it is not as if this is the first time that women have been molested in the country. This is just an attempt to malign Bengaluru and state government’s image else why didn’t everyone ignore it like they ignore all other cases of sexual attacks on women?”

The Minister added, “Since the 1st of this month, I have been studying the CCTV footage along with senior police officials to understand what exactly happened that night. After going through all the footage, I can clearly see that it is a clear cut case of conspiracy by some people to bring shame to our beloved IT city.”

“The footage revealed that almost all the girls were wearing western dresses, some even had their legs and shoulders exposed. Just look at the time these scantily clad women spent in those roads to provoke the boys. This looks like a deliberate attempt to create a mess out there so that my government gets defamed. I also came to know that several bars nearby had dropped their prices for the night, so naturally boys drank more and as we know, alcohol’s side effect is an attack on women”, the honorable Minister said.

The Home Minister said that he is planning to reveal all the evidence against these trouble maker girls and bar owners directly to the media to expose the conspiracy against his government.