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A scooter not cleaned up for months gets full body wash after it enters and exits a big pothole

05, Aug 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Due to hectic work pressure, Manjunath Lakshmaiah, working as a clerk in Reserve Bank of India, Bengaluru branch did not get time to wash his Honda Activa scooter almost for last seven months.

Other day while returning from office, he was in for a pleasant surprise. While driving through a big pothole near his residence in Yelahanka, his scooter got a full body wash. “Last seven months, for me it is all about counting old 500 and 1000 rupee notes deposited. Had no time to breathe properly, where I will find time to clean my scooter?” said Mr. Manjunath while speaking to us.

Mr. Manjunath added, “My scooter was so dirty, I used to struggle to read the number plate. One day traffic police stopped me on the way to charge fine for Zebra crossing violation. When I wiped the number plate, he allowed me to go after he saw the sticker on number plate where RBI employee was written. Now after the ‘wash’, not only me, my family is also struggling to identify this is our scooter or belongs to someone else.”

“The best part was the water quality inside the pothole, it was not muddy. It seems the road contractor was a man with long term vision. He has tarred the base and the sides of the pothole without filling it, so that the water stored inside can be used for multiple purposes, vehicle wash is just one of them. The depth of the pothole was good enough for water to cover till my scooter seat cover,” said Mr. Manjunath.

Mr. Manjunath noticed there are so many potholes on the way. He said, “If two or three big ones can be connected properly and made a grand one, lot of small cars can get full body wash. All this mind you are free of cost”.

Our reporter who wanted to get free wash in the same pothole, did not have luck on his side. Water entered through the exhaust pipe to engine and now mechanic is asking him to pay 5k to repair it.