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Secular man suffering from kidney failure, refuses to take both kidneys from donors of same religion

17, Apr 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: In a strange turn of events Mr. Ganesh D Lutyens, a resident of Dadar, who is suffering from failure of both his kidneys has refused to take both the kidneys from donors of same religion. On constant dialysis for past few months due to renal failure, Mr. Lutyens has recently received one kidney from a Hindu donor. Searching for a second potential donor his family was able to find one, but Mr. Lutyens insisted to know donor’s religion. On coming to know that the his 2nd donor was also a Hindu, Mr. Lutyens flatly refused the kidney.

His son Suresh provided more details to reporters on the reasons behind this denial, “Bauji is a man of usools and adarsh. He has been a secular liberal all his life and has viewed all religions in equal light. He had a major accident a few years back and had to go through large amount of blood transfusion. Even as he was bleeding a lot on the stretcher, we had to force the hospital-staff to sign a contract that any blood given to him would be a mixture of blood from people of different religion and only then bauji allowed the nurses to inject him. We could have lost him that day.”

The same secular man, Mr. Ganesh D Lutyens, won Kaun Banega Secular, once upon a time!
The same secular man, Mr. Ganesh D Lutyens, won Kaun Banega Secular, once upon a time!

“And now again his adarsh behavior is presenting us with the same issues. Without another kidney, his life is in danger but as he already has a kidney from a Hindu, donor his other kidney has to be from a donor of another religion for his secular satisfaction. Fear of being called communal is his biggest fear. He would rather die than take the 2nd kidney from a Hindu donor and be called out-right communal,” Suresh said with mixed feelings of pride and sadness.

When asked on what would be further course of action being considered by Doctors, Suresh shook his head in despair and was not able to speak for a few moments. Collecting himself he said, “Doctors have given up all hope as the first donated kidney is already not functioning with very high efficiency. Without 2nd kidney bauji’s body will soon start giving up. Meanwhile our only hope is a local NGO which promises to provide a better life to people if they agree to quickly change their religion from Hinduism to any minority religion. We are requesting our donor to get his religion quickly changed, which he is still contemplating. Hopefully he agrees and on seeing his non-hindu religion certificate bauji will allow us to go ahead with the operation,” Suresh concluded.