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After security breach, Robert Vadra to take martial arts lessons from Rahul Gandhi to protect his family from intruders

03, Dec 2019 By @jurnoleast

Concerned over the security breach that took place a few days back, Robert Vadra has taken responsibility to ensure that such incidents donot happen in future. Sources say that Robert Vadra will be taking martial arts lessons from brother-in-law Rahul Gandhi to counter any future threats to his family. Just days back the SPG cover provided to Gandhi family was removed by the Govt which Vadra criticized in various interviews.

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The farmer turned businessman is not taking things lying down and has now turned to his brother-in-law to help protect his family.

Apparently, Rahul Gandhi is an expert in a form of martial art called Aikido. “It is one of the more deadlier form of martial art. Rahul has been practicing it for a decade now and let me tell you, he can take down 10 armed men single-handedly. Many of the senior Congress leaders have been at the receiving end of his punches when he(Rahul) gets into practice mode. And now he will be training Robertji. If the Govt doesn’t provide security then the Gandhi family is not the one to be cowed down. We can defend ourselves and our family from any external threat,” remarked spokesperson Randeep Surjewala.

Party insiders say that it is not just Robert Vadra, other Congress leaders will also be taught self defence. “Since Rahulji is not doing anything worthwhile these days, this will keep him occupied,” said a senior congress leader.

Meanwhile, it is not just Aikido that Vadra is looking at, sources say that he is also putting in more hours in the gym and trying to bulk up in an effort to become more physically stronger.

“He is obsessed with gymming and at times even forces me to do pushups and bench press,” revealed Priyanka Gandhi while speaking to our reporter.