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Seeing son’s clean hostel room during video call, worried parents call his friend to know is he in hostel or hotel

06, Dec 2017 By dasu

Rourkela: Parents of Rakesh Shukla, who is doing his 3rd year engineering at NIT Rourkela are ‘disturbed’ after they had a WhatsApp video call with him. During the video call, they found Rakesh’s room did not look like an engineering student’s hostel room at all.

They did not want to question Rakesh straightway, so, they called one of his close friend to know the ‘truth’.

‘After uncle, aunty talked to Rakesh, immediately they called me to check whether Rakesh is staying in hostel or has he moved out to some hotel. They even asked me, has he taken a room on rent outside and staying in a live-in relationship with his girlfriend”, said Aman, who is from the same town Rakesh has come from.

Aman told them, “Though I stay in a separate hostel, met him last night in his hostel common room where some ‘special’ movie show was going on. Am sure, he is staying in hostel only. Movie show ke baat, aaj thoda tired hoon. Please let me know what all you saw in his room, will go to his room tomorrow to cross verify everything and then I will give you a call.”

Rakesh father who himself is an engineer said, “I saw few study books, no Chetan Bhagat book, no cigarette packet, daru or soda bottles in any corner.”

Aunty added, “I noticed clean bedsheet, then every item was in place. Even the pillow had a cover with embroidery work on top of it.”

During his conversation with Rakesh, Aman found Rakesh’s room was like any other hostel person’s room. “Arre yaar Sunday morning ko Pooja aayee thi idhar. Poora thousand rupees hostel boy ko dekar room saaf kiya tha. Henceforth, I will not have video call with my parents. If they insist, I’ll take it from your room”, said Rakesh when he saw a message from Pooja in WhatsApp asking ‘Kitna Diya Tha Room Saaf Karne Ke Liye. Here the Ladies hostel maid is asking me 2k’.