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Seeking uniformity, ASI requests people to write on ancient monuments only in capital letters

21, Feb 2017 By dasu

New Delhi:  Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), is seriously worried about people defacing national monuments by scribbling their names on them. Since it is impossible to make Indian stop doing that, ASI has introduced rules and regulations for scribbling names so that there is some uniformity on the walls of such monuments.

Capital letters- ASI approved!

As per latest notification, ASI has asked all domestic tourists to strictly follow its new guidelines. Henceforth, those who want to scribble on national monuments, should do it only in capital letters and should only use a Blue marker.

ASI has warned people not to ignore this rule as they generally ignore all other government rules because the penalty for breaking this rule will be severe. If anyone is caught violating this rule, not only will they be made to pay heavy fines, they will also be asked to restore the monument to its original state.

“It is our responsibility to conserve and preserve our heritage. Looking at the walls of our monuments, one would imagine that our entire heritage was ‘Amit loves Priya’ or ‘Sunita loves Rahul’. Now we have nothing against love but if you are going to express it on the walls of a monument, at least make sure that it doesn’t look ugly. With uniform color and capital letters, there will be some symmetry on the walls and it won’t be such an eyesore”, said Rajesh Tiwari, director general of ASI.

“We have tried hard in the past through incredible India campaigns to educate people that they should not write on the walls but nobody cares. Despite all our efforts, they still want to write on the walls so we have come up with this compromise. Blue markers will be available at the entrance of all such sites to ensure we get the same color. Further, with everyone writing in capital letters, it will be easier for other tourists to read what has been written”, said Mr. Tiwari.

ASI has further requested boys to stop writing their phone numbers on these walls. “Nobody is calling you guys, forget it”, an ASI official said.