Self-proclaimed gau rakshak reacts to Rohit Sharma's calf injury, says wont tolerate attacks on cow or calf 

04, Feb 2020 By @jurnoleast

While the nation health its collective breath after watching Rohit Sharma limping due to his calf injury, a self-proclaimed gau rakshak from UP was breathing fire. The man was livid at a ‘calf’ getting injured in the cricket match between India and New Zealand a few days back.


Speaking to Faking News he said, “Cow is our mother and her young ones are like my bothers and sisters. I consider it my duty to protect them. Will you not get angry if your brother or sister is hurt.”

The gau rakshak even threatened to travel to New Zealand and stop all T20 matches. No amount of reasoning seemed to convince him that now animals were hurt during the cricketing contest. “I don’t care. A calf was injured during the match. Aur woh hamare Sharmaji ke bete ki thi. BCCI ne agar kuch nahi kiya toh hum New Zealand jaane ko bhi taiyyar hain,” he threatened.

BJP has distanced itself from the comments and said that every news on cow or calf need not elicit a response from the party. “We expect better from alternate media outlets like Faking News. Please refrain from turning isolated comments into newsworthy comment,” said spokesperson Sambit Patra from his tent outside Republic TV studio.