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With series of apologies from Kejriwal, huge loss of business opportunity for us says Bar Council of India

04, Apr 2018 By dasu

New Delhi: Bar council of India has come down heavily on Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal for his non-stop series of apologies, thereby closing the defamation suits filed against him. Latest being the high profiles ones involving him and Mr. Jaitley.

“Arvind is known for bringing up ‘disruptive model’ to work, whatever he does in life. Two three years back when nothing much was happening on criminal, civil defamation suits among political class, the richest class in India. He was like a one-man army challenging his political rivals across parties with statements, thereby giving lawyers like me enough opportunity to earn some good money,” said R.K. Dhawan, a senior lawyer and bar council member while speaking to us.

“I do not know what happened to him, who advised him to apologize?  Anyway, the money we were earning was coming from Delhi tax payers, not from his own pocket. When tax payers never objected and they had no issues with him as the recent byelection results showed, why these sudden apologies. Humare pet pe kyon laat mar raha hai,” said Mr. Dhawan.

Mr. Dhawan added, “Now what I will do with my junior staff I have recruited. Was expecting Arun Jaitley cases, I will get a chance to defend him after Jethmalani Ji left the case. Have learnt my lesson. Big problem if we rely on someone like him who changes his stand depending on Delhi weather. One year back he spoke a lot, so many controversies, many journalists got job in for news channels, then suddenly he went silent”.  

Even Law colleges are worried about the student enrollment numbers for next academic year. “Many students who wanted to do law are now rethinking, whether it is worth”, said a dean of a reputed law college in Delhi.