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Servant fired after he forgets to thump the table at end of Rahul Gandhi’s dinner speech

05, May 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

New Delhi: Deenu kaka who has been an age old servant for the Gandhi family was axed yesterday when he forgot to thump the dinner table after Rahul baba finished his speech at dinner. Previous to Deenu kaka, his father Ramu Kaka and grandfather Shyamu kaka have also been the trusted servants of the family. Kaka family has apparently been serving Gandhi family for generations.

According to sources, after Rahul baba’s dinner-table speech ended, all the servants around the table clapped and thumped whatever they could find near them loudly for a few seconds, but Deenu didn’t. Later when Deenu was quietly collecting the plates and left-overs from the dinner table, Rahul baba approached him and read the following words from his mobile phone verbatim, “Your services will no longer be needed in this organization and you are immediately being relieved from your current and future responsibilities. Your position has been eliminated, please contact HR.”

Unable to understand the message Deenu shared a laugh with Rahul baba thinking it was a joke. He was then quickly was taken into a corner by Digvijay Singh who told him that he had been fired. Shocked and shaken, Deenu cried and pleaded his case but was immediately escorted out of the bungalow with his belongings, full and final settlement amount, and an IRCTC printout of a train ticket back to his village.

Not to be confused with Deena kaka
Not to be confused with Deenu kaka

Talking to reporters at the railway station Deenu narrated his story, “All servants have been instructed a few days back that from now on whenever and wherever Rahul baba gives a speech all the servants present around him need to thump the table towards the end of the speech. If baba falters in the middle of the speech or forgets his dialogues, we should quickly start thumping the table and shout “Shame on BJP” multiple times till he retains his speech momentum. So that no one knows that he stopped because of us or on his own. While these were the standing instructions which have been given to all servants of the family, I am just a human being and not a robot. I am old too. Kabhi kabhi galti ho jaati hai.” Deenu wiped his tears with his red gmacha.

When asked about his next steps, Deenu got quite emotional and looked into oblivion for a few seconds. Collecting himself he said, “When I was taken into a corner and told I was fired, I was shocked. I asked can I collect my stuff from my quarters? I was told all my belongings have already been packed and are kept with the main gate security guard. I was made to leave immediately. I think my firing was a signal to other servants to not to make this dastardly mistake, ever.”

“Now I have no option but to go back to my village where I have farmlands. I will again start to farm them and earn my living. Rahul baba is planning to visit our village in a few weeks to spend time with us farmers. I hope he recognizes me in the crowd and listens to my farming related complaints,” Deenu concluded with a heavy throat.

He then picked up his cast-iron suitcase, rolled up green mattress, and started to walk towards his train bogey. But suddenly he saw Rahul Gandhi on the platform running towards him.

He also ran towards Rahul baba in excitement, thinking that he is perhaps forgiven and baba is here to get him back. His hopes of a re-union were however quashed when Rahul baba went past him and entered another bogey. It was later announced that Rahul baba was on the station to experience a train journey for first time in his life.