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Serving in Israel Defense Forces was easier than this: Benjamin Netanyahu says after traveling in Mumbai local

18, Jan 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, who is currently in India on a 6 days visit, traveled in Mumbai local today as part of his visit. Mr. Netanyahu traveled from Andheri to Churchgate this morning. After getting down at Churchgate, he said that this was the most difficult thing he has ever done in his life and even serving in Israel Defense Forces was easier than this.

Netanyahu experienced the spirit of Mumbai today

Mr. Netanyahu took part in several dangerous operations during his time with IDF like Operation Inferno, Operation Gift, Operation Isotope, and also served on the front lines in 2 wars but boarding a Virar local from Andheri turned out to be more difficult than all that. He wanted to experience local culture and having heard a lot about Mumbai local insisted that he wants to travel in it once despite warnings from his Indian hosts. Any repetition of such adventure looks highly unlikely though.

The troubles for Israeli PM started at Andheri station itself where he struggled to board the first 7 locals despite his bodyguards trying to clear the way for him to get inside the train. Eventually when he managed to board the 8th local, half of his bodyguards couldn’t get in and had to wait for the next train. Once inside, he came to know how well his nose works with 100 different smells assaulting his nose from all directions. Around Bandra, someone used his shoulder to hang a lunchbox and he couldn’t even remove it as there was no space to move his arm.

Just when he was starting to get comfortable, train reached Dadar and he was swept out on to the platform by the sea of people getting down there. Then he had to wait for the next train to resume his journey where he was thankfully joined by the rest of his bodyguards.

Finally, after all the problems, he reached Churchgate but by then, his legs had gone completely numb and he just couldn’t walk. Eventually he was carried off the train by RPF officials with the help of some kind Mumbaikars. After getting off the train, Mr. Netanyahu muttered, “Never again”, and asked his staff members to stop him if he ever feels like experiencing local culture again.