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SET Max plans to turn Sooryavansham into a web-series to compete with Netflix and Amazon prime

21, May 2019 By @jurnoleast

The competition in the world of digital content is all set to heat up. Entertainment channel SET Max is planning to turn Amitabh Bachchan starrer Sooryavansham into a web series to compete with the likes of Netflix and Amazon prime.


The movie completes 20 years and has been the longest running movie on any channel, probably anywhere in the world.

The channel is already in talks with Amitabh Bachchan to reprise the role of Heera Thakur for the series. Cast of the original movie is also being considered to make the series as close to the movie as possible. “The movie will be split into parts and will be titled Sooryavansham Origins. The later part will be shot as web series which will tell viewers about the characters and the story post the events in the movie,” said the newly appointed CEO of SET Max digital.

Insiders reveal that idea of Sooryavansham as web-series was doing the rounds from quite some time. And that is also the reason why makers of Game of Thrones developed cold feet, which led to the hurried shooting of the final season and the resulting gaffe’s.

“In fact the producers of Sooryavansham origins were asked to delay the project so that GoT could have a comfortable run. This could be the next big things on the internet,” revealed the insider.

News of the web-series went viral on social media and hardcore fans of the movie were already seen subscribing on the digital platform.

Meanwhile. Netflix and Amazon prime are now contemplating their next move considering the fact that Sooryanvasham could significantly eat up their online content pie.