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Seven ways to make Policemen people friendly

09, Mar 2014 By idiot420

In the latest episode of Satyamev Jayate, Aamir Khan talked about police system of the country and discussed how to make police force people friendly.

Here are few suggestions by the Faking News team that can turn the common public and police into close pals.

Policemen trying to foster a relationship with public

1. Bribe: Request people to offer more and more bribe to policemen in their area. People should not wait for occasions to offer policemen money, instead, surprise them! Offer them money and gifts, without any cause, even if you didn’t break any law.

2. Offer them money in “auspicious” numbers: If you are giving policemen money, do remember that 101, 501, 1001, 786, etc. are considered auspicious numbers. Your gift would be more appreciated if it is in these denominations. It removes guilt feeling from policemen’s mind that they are doing something wrong, which in turn will generate respect in their mind for common people.

3. Daaru pe Charcha: Organize a weekend ‘Daaru pe Charcha‘ in each colony and invite policemen from the local police station. As drinking together nurtures friendly bonds, such events will make common people and policemen become chaddi buddies. Discuss law and order problem, play truth and dare, and if possible, ask them to catch criminals in the dare part of the game.

4. Abuse each other: Make policemen and common public abuse each other in a friendly way. It’s a well established fact that friendship between two people, who are comfortable enough to abuse each other without feeling bad, is much deeper than “normal” friendship. This will cement the friendship further.

5.  Don’t disturb them at night: Please avoid disturbing policemen between 10 PM and 10 AM. If you are in middle of some trouble at night, try to get rid of that on your own. If you let them sleep at night, it will make them feel good, both mentally and physically.

6. Make them feel like a hero: Better to not call police officers by their name, instead call them by famous movie character names, like Singham. This will boost their morale and they will feel more responsible for safety of common public.

7. Social networking sites: Policemen should follow all the people of their area on Twitter. This will make common public feel more secure. Even if a policeman fails to catch a thief, a person may forgive him if he gets a re-tweet. Similarly policeman can ‘like’ all posts on Facebook and people will feel that they are of some use.