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Shahid Afridi offers to come to out of retirement to salvage Pak cricket after team's humiliating loss to India in World Cup 

17, Jun 2019 By @jurnoleast

Reacting to Pakistan’s performance in the match against India, Shahid Afridi has offered his services once again to national team. While speaking to the media he said that he was ready to come out of retirement to salvage Pakistan cricket and save any further humiliation.

Shortly after the match, Afridi spoke to a news channel and made his frustration with the current team pretty evident.

“The team in the current form doesn’t look like it can compete at any international level. Even we lost to India in the earlier World Cup matches, but not like this. Players are having a night out on the eve of a high pressure match. Khuda ka kahuf nahi to fans ka toh khauf karein,” he pleaded.

So livid was Afridi with team’s performance that immediately after the match he packed his suitcase to leave for England. Neighbors say they saw Afridi dressed in cricket gear with a bat in hand on his way to England before being stopped by family members.

Ex-cricketer Shoaib Akhtar came out in support of Afridi and said that old retired players of Pakistan can still perform better than the current team. “Sarafaraz ki ftiness ko dekho. Bechare ka pet nikala hua hai. I dont play international cricket anymore, but I still have my six-pack abs intact,” Akhtar said while speaking to our reporter.

Fans across Pakistan reacted with anger by smashing their TV sets, prompting Imran Khan to issue a statement asking them to maintain peace.

Sources say that Pak PM Imran Khan too is contemplating taking a break from politics and coaching the national team. Chinese President XI Jinping has offered help to Pakistan to deal with the situation.

Imran Khan is scheduled to visit China next week and ask for funds that would be used to make a team worthy of competing at international level.