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Sharad Pawar denies nexus with utterly corrupt failed IAS aspirant

04, Jun 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Dismissing media reports that linked him with a failed IAS aspirant who had plans to become a completely corrupt officer, Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar has claimed that the concerned person, Anil Potdukhe, was aiming for corruption in private capacity and he or his family had got nothing to do with his plans. Earlier, a leading newspaper had published reports that 24-years-old Anil Potdukhe, who enjoys close friendly ties with Mr. Pawar, was planning to carry out a series of scams once he became an IAS officer.

Sharad Pawar
Sharad Pawar denies he ever had any involvement in any failed plans of corruption

“We know Anil, and it’s true that he wanted to become a corrupt IAS officer, but we told him that we don’t want any overt relationships with anyone who is deemed to be corrupt in public life.” Pawar said, conceding that Anil often used to inquire about how different corrupt officers used to pull off various scams in various positions, as Pawar had earlier served in capacities of a Chief Minister, Defense Minister, Agriculture Minister, and President of BCCI.

Anil Potdukhe is a commerce graduate from Mumbai University whose grandfather was very good friend of Sharad Pawar. Anil always used to marvel at the lifestyle of corrupt public officials who were caught with crores of cash in their homes, and wanted to become a similar bureaucrat himself. For the same, he reportedly asked Mr. Pawar for help.

“Once when he was having dinner at our place and he said he wanted to carry out a scam in the agriculture ministry.” Pawar revealed, adding, “Our family took a unanimous decision not to get involved, but Anil was eager to join the public loot so he was allowed to do so in his individual capacity.”

Later, Anil took UPSC exams and although he could successfully clear the preliminary exams, he failed at the mains and couldn’t become a corrupt IAS officer.

“Do you think he would have failed if he had our support?” Mr. Pawar hit back at conspiracy theorists linking him with Anil Potdukhe’s unholy plans.