Sharda University prints ‘No1 University of Ladakh and J&K region’ Ad boards, no call yet on when will they setup campus there

05, Sep 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Noida. Indian colleges have a reputation of projecting itself as the number one college or university in any region where they have a campus. But some go overboard in making itself no 1 even before setting up the campus in the region they are talking about. Sharda university did the same in the case of Ladakh and J&K. They have become the best university of J&K and Ladakh and that too overnight.


Other universities like LPU and Amity fell behind Sharda as they have not yet printed the boards which say ‘They are the no1 in the region’. Many coaching classes have already applied for land in the region and the process for allocation will soon start. The first preference will be given to coaching classes, Vivo and Oppo boards, Pan Masala shops and chai tapris, so that more and more students are attracted to J&K as well as Ladakh.

Other colleges and Universities will soon start projecting themselves as no1 but they may lose out on time as students have already started to apply for different courses in the Sharda university and the courses may start soon in the next 20-30 years. Aggarwal sweets have also started projecting itself as the number 1 sweet seller in Ladakh and J&K territory. Maganlal Chikki may be next, as per our sources.