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Shiv Sainiks enter IT company asking for ban on meat in office canteen, fail to find any trace of chicken in canteen's chicken curry

29, Mar 2017 By @jurnoleast

After asking meat shops in Gurugram to down shutters during Navratri festival, Shiv Sainiks have now trained their guns at the meat being served in office canteens. A group of four ‘sainiks’ forced their way into the canteen of an IT company, were left sorely disappointed after they failed to find even a single chicken piece in the chicken curry served by the canteen.


Speaking to Faking News a sainik who was part of the group said, “We were successful in getting the meat shops to down their shutters. So we thought our efforts to get canteen food to stop serving meat would be successful too. But when we inspected the chicken curry at the counter, there was not a single piece of chicken in the entire vessel. Initially we thought it was some kind of joke, but after speaking to employees we learnt that this is the way chicken curry has been served all this while.”

Apparently the sainiks spent around 2 hrs just hunting for that elusive piece of chicken in the curry, at times even losing their patience. Sources say one group member threatened to hit the cook 25 times with his chappal for making a mockery of the dish.

Employees who were initially wary of the presence of sainiks in the office, were later seen supporting them. “We saw how the group was frantically looking for chicken pieces. Something we’ve been doing for years without luck. So the entire office went all out to support the sainiks, even though there might be some ideological differences,” said Sreejith Nair, a software developer working in the company.

“Finding chicken piece in this curry is as difficult as finding a script in Salman’s films,” rued one member of the sena as he beat up a random canteen helper.

When questioned the need for beating the helper, he replied, “Humko bhi target milta hai aur humara bhi appraisal hota hai. Saheb ko kya jawab dega mai. Aaya hu toh kisiko maarke hi jaunga na.