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Short of ENT surgeons, AIIMS requests Maulana Barkati to assist in performing throat surgeries

10, Jan 2017 By @jurnoleast

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, which is currently facing a shortage of qualified ENT surgeons, has asked Kolkata Imam Maulana Barkati to assist them in performing throat surgeries.

barkati surgeon

Speaking to Faking News, the Chief Medical Officer at AIIMS said, “We have been facing shortage of staff for quite some time now and positions especially in the surgery department are vacant. Heard in the evening news yesterday about Mr. Barkati’s threat to Mr. Tarek Fatah mentioning something about slitting throats. So we believe he does have some proficiency and his skills could well be used for performing surgeries.”

Apparently, around 10 surgeries related to various throat ailments have long been pending and doctors are hopeful that Maulana Barkati will use his expertise to clear the backlog.

Radhe Shyam Tiwari, a carpenter from Kanpur, who needs to treat a benign tumor in his throat has been waiting since the last six months hoping to get treatment. “I keep coming to AIIMS every 15 days and due to staff shortage my treatment is getting delayed. But thanks to Barkatiji, now I feel there is hope for people like me.”

A separate operating room has already been set up from where Maulana can attend patients.

Our reporter also spoke to Tarek Fatah, noted writer and activist, who said he was pleased to hear that Mr. Barkati was finally thinking of social good, if at all he agrees to AIIMS offer. “Acha hai, lekin pehle woh khud ka ilaaj kare toh behtar hoga,” he said.

There was no official confirmation from Maulana Barkati about assisting AIIMS but spokesperson for the Imam didn’t rule out accepting the offer. “He always fancied becoming a doctor but couldn’t. In fact, we have seen him wear the doctors lab coat with a stethescope around his neck and roam around. Even his hand writing is bad. I mean he has all the pre-requisites. It’s would be hard to fathom if he’d refuse. Maybe he’s waiting for a green signal from the TMC,” said the spokesperson.