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Before showing the newborn to relatives waiting outside Aadhaar enrollment will be mandatory

26, Sep 2017 By dasu

New Delhi: A new born girl in Osmanabad (Maharashtra) got her Aadhaar number before she turned six minutes old. While hailing the ‘proactive’ parents for doing the most critical task that needs to be done after a baby is born, UIADI officials have asked Government to make it mandatory to enroll the babies for Aadhaar number before baby is taken out to show his or her face to the relatives anxiously waiting outside.

While talking to us an UIADI official said, “You can see we have shown our ‘prowess’ in this case by enrolling the baby for the Aadhaar number within six minutes. There is still scope for improvement. We have server which works so well, with a decent internet connection one can enroll their newborn within three to four minutes going forward. That much time relatives can definitely wait.”

When we asked UIADI official how this will benefit and what is the necessity to do it so quickly, “Yehi to main kaam hain desh mein abhi. First enroll then start linking your Aadhaar with whatever Government will ask you from time to time. Just imagine how relaxed will be Parents once their newborn has Aadhaar number, then they can use it as and when necessary without bothering the baby further.”

On its benefits, the UIADI official said, “Sometimes Parents take time to give proper name, prepare horoscope. People take their babies to temple, Mosque, Gurudwara or Church as per their belief. If the baby does not have name, the priest can give blessing by shouting the Aadhaar number. Mind you it is unique unlike name, Gothra or Raasi etc. So, ek direct connection ban jaata hai God ke saath.

Outside one hospital delivery room, we saw grandfather Tiwari Ji getting restless. When we asked Tiwari Ji did you see the baby, he said, “Nahin Beta, Uska Aadhaar nahin ban paya abhi tak. BSNL ka internet issue hai idhar. My nephew has gone out to get a data card. As we become restless Nurse has shown the feet of the baby. We will see the face once Aadhaar number is given to her.”