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Shy engineer turns superstud after Thailand trip

11, Dec 2013 By idiot420

Bangalore. Prashant Sharma, an IT professional, who once upon a time used to be a shy man, turned into a superstud after making a pilgrimage to the holy country of Thailand.

Somewhat similar is the story of Kailaash Naagar, who is a budding politician.

“Till last month, he was even afraid of talking to a girl, most probably because of his engineering background. It’s then, I suggested him to visit Thailand, as that was his last hope,” said Babu Biswal, a senior colleague of Prashant, who initially motivated him to change his life forever.

“And today, he is confident enough to ask even Sunny Leone out on a date,” boasted Babu Biswal.

As per tourism industry experts, Thailand has a mystical power of turning rowdy introverts into gentle perverts.

“They have developed a unique ecosystem to channelize human perversion, which results into removal of guilt factor from a person’s mind,” said an expert.

Prashant’s friends, who accompanied him on the soul searching journey, revealed that Prashant started bursting with confidence even before their flight landed at Bangkok airport.

“We were shocked to see the way he was talking to air hostesses. He asked for a glass of water, and that too shaken, not stirred, in James Bond style,” disclosed Prashant’s friend Vikas, “By the time the flight landed, he was completely charged up. For getting down, instead of using stairs he jumped down from the plane.”

Prashant credits ambience of Thailand for the drastic change.

“I remember myself wandering around ‘Walking Street’ of Pattaya, where I felt shyness evaporating out of my body,” said Prashant recollecting memories of the trip, “Nobody was there to judge me, so I let my emotions out, loud and loud.”

Reportedly, Prashant even made a girlfriend during his Thailand trip. Although, he doesn’t understand her language but love is still there.

Meanwhile, Prashant’s parents were distributing prasad in their colony that Prashant had sent them. They were told by Prashant that he was going on a chaar dhaam pilgrimage.