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Sick man waits for Diwali sale to get discounts in hospital treatment

04, Oct 2017 By itsmihir1993

Raunak (34), a Marwari trader based out of Jodhpur city in Rajasthan, has raised several eyebrows after he refused to get treated for life-threatening mouth cancer that he is diagnosed with. Raunak, who owns Somani Sweets in Jodhpur, is fondly known as Somani ji. The news spread like fire in the entire city after the popular trader refused prompt treatment for a life-threatening disease.

It is believed that Somani ji refused to get treated as he feared high treatment cost at the Rajasthan Cancer Hospital. He confirmed the situation, “I am waiting for Diwali to get treated. The festive season brings it with lots of attractive offers in every industry where consumers can avail products and services at a cheap rate. I hope the hospital has some attractive offers for me during Diwali so that I can get my tumour removed at a discounted rate,” he said.

The doctor at the hospital was unhappy with the decision of the Marwari trader. “He should have left his working methods outside the hospital before approaching us for the treatment. Unlike his sweet shop, we cannot afford to offer discounts and forgo our profits just for the sake of saving someone’s life,” said the doctor.

Somani ji, on the other hand, has enquired at all the hospitals in Jodhpur and the nearby regions about the expenses involved in treatment. “You don’t buy sweets from one shop without checking its price in other shops, do you? Similarly, I will not surrender myself without bargaining, especially when the festive season is approaching!” he said.

Somani ji’s family stands by his side in these difficult times. “He has taken the right decision by not spending more on treating cancer. I’m sure that my son will find the best deal in the city. I am suffering from jaundice, so he will crack a Diwali offer where my treatment is undertaken at no cost alongside his cancer treatment,” said his father.