Monday, 6th April, 2020


Silk board junction to be named world heritage site, UNESCO announces

20, Feb 2020 By RT
Bengaluru. The city administration of the capital city of Karnataka, a southern Indian state, today proudly announced that a historic spot of the city has been declared as a world heritage site. Silk board junction has been in the list for several years now and finally, UNESCO had formally listed the name, the city administration said in a press release.
“Years of painstaking efforts made by the government and city administration to keep the junction as popular, or should we say populous, as ever. The unmoving popularity that the spot enjoys now is not due to negligence but due to constant attention”, the mayor was beaming with every word, obviously thrilled by the honor bestowed upon by UNESCO.
“Our world heritage center has a very clear selection criteria with 10 parameters for including a site into our list. Most of the sites in our list had earlier qualified with 1 or 2 parameters. For the first time, a cultural landscape had qualified with all 10 parameters. When the expert team saw the pictures of the site taken over a decade, everyone stood still” an UNESCO expert told Faking News.
“In the past, some of the sites have changed in shape, color and structure. Looking at the pictures, our team was thoroughly convinced that Silk board junction hadn’t changed at all. We even spotted a same tourist in all the pictures, sitting inside the same car at the same spot. Extraordinary, simply extraordinary!” the expert exclaimed unable to hide his amusement.
Learning of the development, the city of Mumbai is planning to apply for the spot of ‘Kalyanphata circle’ to be included in the World heritage sites, it is learnt by Faking News. If a BJP government can manage to get glory to Bengaluru with Silkboard, Sena can get at least two spots within the next 5 years, the spokesperson told Faking News, unable to hide his wrath.