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Silk Board Matrimony launched; founder claims they can find life partner before traffic jam clears

15, May 2019 By dasu

Bengaluru: Leading matrimonial website DefinitelyMarry dot com has launched an exclusive app for commuters stuck at Silk Board Junction. The matrimonial company gives a guarantee to its customers that it will find a life partner for them before they cross the signal.


“Otherwise the person will get a full refund minus the GST amount”, told Anuj Agarwal, founder and CEO of the company.

“We have done extensive research for the last six months. By tying up with food delivery apps and e-commerce sites we have collected the details about people. The kind of food, clothes, gadgets they like looking at their orders. By collecting details from online streaming sites like hotstar, Netflix, etc. we know what kind of sports shows, web series the person likes. Using these big data we can find a suitable life partner who has a similar taste”, said Anuj.

“The best part is people are not too far from each other. All are present inside that 3 to 5 kilometers jam. We give a recommended list of people on our app; one can walk and talk to them. If things go fine, they can take it forward”, he added.

“In fact, there was a couple who felt they are made for each other within five minutes. There was a pandit stuck inside the jam whom they found out through some other app. Got married and went for honeymoon to a place 10 kilometer away but 5-hour drive from silk board junction”.

Anuj is planning to launch similar specific matrimonial websites for commuters stuck at other major traffic jams. “Yesterday I raised 170 crores from venture capitalists. There is huge potential for my business model for a city like Bengaluru full of jams”, told Anuj.