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Simran’s father challenge Raj staying in Whitefield to reach airport in two hours if he ‘truly’ wants to marry her

22, Nov 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: It was almost a repeat of the iconic DDLJ scene at the Bengaluru International Airport. A person named Baldev Singh who did not want his daughter Simran to marry Raj after he came to know even after seven years of service Raj is still a senior software engineer doing same stuff as he used to do as a fresher.

Disappointed with the career progress and lack of onsite opportunity for Raj, Baldev Ji found a better match for Simran in Kuljeet who works in California Bay area through a matrimony portal. Though Baldev Ji did not know Kuljeet personally, he was impressed with the ‘posts’ he was putting in FB and Instagram every weekend.

“To me Kuljeet looked perfect match for Simran, do not know what Simran saw in Raj that she liked him. Called Raj to say, I have flight in two hours’ time. If he can come before flight take off, Simran will marry him, otherwise forget her”, said Baldev Singh Ji while speaking to us from a café at the airport.

“I know the traffic situation in Bengaluru. For that to happen, Raj had to leave his office which is located at Whitefield immediately. Wanted to know how committed Raj is towards Simran. Does he have a good rapport with his manager, who would allow him to go from office in such short notice. Being a senior engineer does he have authority to say his juniors to do his work. In future, such situation might happen in their life, wanted to do a ‘stress’ test on Raj”, said Baldev Ji who was slowing sipping his coffee as one cup costs 150 bucks at the airport and Simran was busy taking few selfies.

Raj was lucky as on that day as whole project team were having party in a resort near to the airport. Baldev Ji or Simran were not aware of it. Raj told, “Uncle, it would be tough. But I’ll be there in fifteen minutes before”. While Baldev Ji was checking google map how it is possible in Bengaluru traffic. Raj was thinking, “Thank God, my data pack is over, could not uploaded party photos in social media, otherwise I would have been caught”.