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Since Dengue mosquito breeds in clean water, we saved Delhi from an epidemic by keeping every place dirty: MCD

20, Sep 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: As Delhi faces a sharp rise in cases of chikungunya, MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi) has claimed credit for controlling the number of Dengue cases in the national capital. While both the viral diseases have affected hundreds, MCD has claimed that Dengue cases would have been a lot higher if they hadn’t taken preventive steps.

No clean water, no dengue!

“People always blamed us for not keeping the streets clean but that was all part of a long term strategy. We all know that dengue mosquito breeds in clean stagnant water, by ensuring no cleanliness; we lowered the probability of clean stagnant water. We know that there still have been some cases of dengue and we are trying to identify the places where dengue mosquito might still be breeding. Delhi residents can help us by throwing garbage wherever they see any accumulation of clean water”, an MCD official told Faking News.

“If we hadn’t taken these steps, there could have been an epidemic of dengue in Delhi and half the population could have been affected by it. As it is, only a few hundred are suffering. We got a lot of flak from people for keeping streets dirty but hopefully, now people will appreciate our vision”, the official added.

When we asked the official why they don’t try to ensure no stagnant water accumulates anywhere, he said,”These are Indian roads boss, they double up as rain water harvesting system during monsoons. Water is of course going to accumulate there.”

When we asked the official about the rise in chikungunya cases, he replied, “Can we concentrate on one problem at a time? Last year everyone was talking about record number of dengue cases, now that we brought that down, you have started complaining about chikungunya. We will resolve that as well next year. Anyway, chikungunya isn’t deadly, we have also checked via Google.”