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Singer disguises himself as beggar and sings outside Dadar station, earns 10 Lakh in a day

22, May 2016 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: In a strange but true incident, famous singer Paresh Besharmiya entered Limca book of records for highest amount of money earned by a beggar in one day. Paresh apparently earned a whopping 10 lakh Rs. after he disguised himself as a beggar and started singing outside the forever crowded Dadar station. This amount is almost double of what he earns through his live concerts.

Such sights Paresh always witnesses while performing in live concerts

When we contacted Paresh, who was still wearing the rags from previous day, for his reaction, he said, “Finally someone recognized my talent. Maybe they didn’t recognize me but my voice made everyone give at least 1 Rupee to me and thanks to the number of people coming out of Dadar station, I ended up earning 10 Lakhs. This is incredible. Today I have realized that its not iTunes and other music streaming services, begging is what provides maximum benefit to a singer.”

Talking about his future plans, Paresh said, “Now we are planning to hold open air concerts outside railway stations only while wearing rags on our bodies. There won’t be any tickets, just strategically placed bowls where people can give as much money as they like. We will avoid all those forms that we have to fill to get approval for staging a concert. No forms to fill before begging. This is such a great deal for us.”

When we asked a regular passenger at Dadar station whether he heard about this singer who begged his way to 10 Lakh, he was surprised and asked ,”Oh my God he was singing? Everyone thought he was crying due to some severe problem in his life. That is why everyone gave money to him generously.”

Meanwhile, as per sources, after hearing this news, government is thinking about recognizing “singing while begging” as a service and may levy 10% service tax, 14.5% VAT and 0.5% Swachh Bharat cess on all collections made while delivering this service.