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‘Single, eats non-veg, calls male colleagues home’ Girl is shocked after saying all these she got a room on rent

31, Mar 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: House owners do have some basic checklist which are ‘explicit’, these are mentioned in the web portals where rooms are advertised and some more comes when rental agreement gets done.

“But there are some very important ones which are ‘implicit’ in nature, which remains in the minds of house owner. Unless you ‘fulfil’ those criteria’s, you will not get house for rent”, said Rachna who after running from pillar to post for last three months at last found an owner who gave her the house on rent.

Rachna clearly told house owner uncle, “I eat non-veg, I am single and sometimes my colleagues from office or friends visit me which unfortunately include some ‘guys’. I stressed on the three points couple of times and explicitly stated the last one few more times so that there is no ‘ambiguity’ going forward”.


Uncle surprisingly told me, ‘As long as we respect each other’s privacy, he has no issue’. He went ahead and started working towards a rental agreement.

Rachna was even more surprised because this house was not in outskirts of the city with no neighbors. It looked like a closely functioning gated community.

“Do the neighbors here have forgotten their ‘basic responsibility’ of keeping a close tab what’s happening in neighborhood houses”, Rachna was thinking.

Rachna added, “I have been to many posh localities in Bengaluru. How well off they are or the square feet area of their houses never had any co-relation with what house owners are going to say. There are many mistakes I have done in my life. Have come to Bengaluru without getting ‘married’, wrong eating habits of enjoying non-veg items which I cannot get over and work in an office team which has boys. Oh yes, made friendship with people of opposite gender”.

Rachna is trying to get ‘over’ her ‘limitations’, do our house owners have any limitations. Leave it to our esteemed readers to comment.