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After six months person had to vacate the cubicle as the HR person who was sitting there returns from vacation

10, Aug 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Karthik P, a techie working for a US based MNC in Bengaluru was in for surprise when a person out of nowhere came to his desk one day and asked him to vacate the cubicle he was using for last six months. The person told him, he is Sahil Jain who works for HR team and he came back from his vacation after six months.


Karthik works for a company where there are more employees than cubicles. “Normally some people will be absent on some days, so it was manageable,” said perplexed looking Karthik who observed an unusually full house at office on that day. When he asked Sahil, are you a new joinee? because for last six months he is working here and he has not seen him once. Sahil told him NO and said he is working in this organization for last ten years.

Karthik shared his experience with a colleague later in the day. “He showed me his name & designation which was written on the side of the drawer, Sahil Jain, Assistant Manager, HR. Then he opened the drawer for which he had the key. One by one he pulled out all the decorative materials like plants made of plastic, one small aquarium. He cleaned the water inside and put a couple of fish in to them. His coffee mug had a nice message. One side it was written ‘Hard Work Always Pays Off’ and other side No Gain Without Pain,” he said.

Karthik added, “Sahil told me, normally he does not take this long vacation. Usually it is 4 to 5 months, this time it just got extended by a month more. However, he told me, write your name somewhere here. From September mid I will go on my next vacation, will return probably early next year. You can happily use my place. He told me he will have a word with admin manager so that this place remains ‘reserved’ for me during his absence”.

While Sahil took his mug went towards coffee machine, Karthik, who had to make a critical customer delivery before end of night rushed towards Wi-Fi enabled food court to manage till Sahil or someone else goes home.