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After slashing GST rate for movie tickets below 100 Rs, Govt says no GST for Samosa's sold below 20 Rs at multiplexes

17, Jun 2017 By dasu

New Delhi:  Instead of watching pirated movies, Government wants to encourage more and more people to come to theaters, enjoy the movie on big screen, have snacks which are anyway sold at throwaway prices at various multiplexes across the country.

GST council in its last revision, has lowered the GST rate to 18 percent from earlier proposed rate of 28 percent, for movie tickets that cost 100 rupees or less. Knowing it well, no one likes to watch movies on empty stomach, the GST council has proposed there would be zero percent GST for Samosa’s sold at 20 rupees or less at multiplexes.

While speaking to the press, finance minister Mr. Arun Jaitley said, “I am confident from July 1st the multiplexes will pass the GST benefit to movie watchers by lowering the ticket prices as well as Samosa prices lower than what it is today.”

Mr. Jaitley added, “We debated on the GST rates of popcorn and cappuccino. After we realized these are anyway sold at nominal price points of 10 rupees and 20 rupees only, so we decided to retain the nominal GST rate of 5 percent for these items as proposed earlier.”

When we asked Mr. Jaitley which is the last multiplex theatre he visited to watch a movie, he said, “Being a busy man who has to toggle between finance, defence and corporate affairs ministry work, where is time for me to watch a movie. But yes, during my college days I had watched Sholay along with friends in Chanakya cinema in South Delhi.”

“I was thinking of capping GST rate of 18 percent for tickets below 50 rupees which is anyway ten times more than what I paid for Sholay. But I was surprised, when my colleagues in GST panel said movie ticket rates have gone up little bit. We must take it to 100 rupees, so that all the high-end multiplexes like IMAX, Gold class are also covered”, said Mr. Jaitley on the rationale behind the cap.

Moviegoers are super excited. While speaking to us one of them said, “I hope GST panel would have done something for parking fees at malls. Anything below 5 rupees we pay for parking, they could have done away with any GST on that.”