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Slashing Tax rates will drive CA's out of business, unemployment will rise: Opposition slams Finance Minister 

20, Sep 2019 By @jurnoleast

Reacting to Nirmala Sitharaman’s announcement of reduction in corporate tax, Rahul Gandhi said that such a move will increase unemployment in the country.

rahul gandhi

While speaking to media persons he said, “First they simplified individual tax. Now they have reduced corporate tax. If taxation is simplified like this, then what will our CA’s do. This Govt is hell bent of taking away the bread and butter of every working professional in this country.”

Rahul also recalled how Congress rule didn’t tinker around too much with the tax structure so that the community of Chartered Accountants is not affected. “Ye sirf suit boot ki sarkar hai. Kitne saare CA berozgaar ho jayenge. Kya sarkaar ne yeh socha hai. Jab Congress ki sarkaar thi tab aisa nahi tha. Kyunki hum aam janta ke bare mein pehle sochte the,” he said while accusing the Govt of ignoring the common man.

The Ex-Congress President also shared data that revealed how many CA’s were now choosing engineering as a career option. Experts believe that if the stats shared by Rahul are true then there would be an over supply of engineering students in the job market while the jobs would continue to remain scare.

“These CA’s will have only sad stories to tell. And with these depressing stories they can only qualify to enter singing contests on TV or shows such as KBC,” Rahul added.

Faking News spoke Home Minister Amit Shah to for his response to the criticism by opposition. He said that Rahul should not speak about things he does not understand.

Mr. Shah also stated that Chartered Accountants won’t be jobless as there will enough work for them for another 50 years is they sit down to analyze Robert Vadra’s shady land deals.