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Sleeping with lights on after watching a horror movie doesn’t keep ghosts away: Research

11, Jul 2014 By idiot420

New York. A research paper published in the reputed “Ghost World” magazine has shattered the common misconception among human beings that sleeping with lights on after watching a horror movie stops ghosts, especially those starring in the movie, from attacking them.

Albert Pinto, the paranormal scientist who has written this research paper, reached to the shocking conclusion after observing around 30 ghosts from different parts of the world.

With lights on, ghosts can see you even more clearly, research paper says.

“I analyzed their attitude toward well-lit places, and found it to be perfectly normal. There is no reason why they can’t tear you apart even if you are sleeping with lights on,” claimed Mr. Pinto while talking to Faking News.

“”I mean, they are so powerful; assuming they want to attack you only in dark, can’t they turn off the lights? It’s stupid to think that they can’t!” he said.

Albert Pinto met a lot of ghosts during his research, and found that a majority of the them laugh at this silly misconception among human beings.

“Although most of them take this sportingly, but there are few who feel it as an insult of their power and capability. I talked to a similar ghost in Romania, who was so pissed off that he chokeslammed a man who was sleeping with 2 halogen lamps and 4 tubelights on after watching a horror movie,” the researcher disclosed the incident, which is mentioned in the Appendix IX of the paper.

In his research paper, Albert Pinto has also disclosed an interesting human behavior, which was pointed out by a ghost to him.

“I met this very smart ghost Bhootnath in a haunted house on old Dehradun-Mussoorie road, who wanted to know why we humans cover our faces with blankets to save ourselves. He pointed out that if human beings believed that ghosts become powerful in dark, then why do they tuck themselves inside the blanket, where it is surely dark inside,” the researcher shared the ghost’s curiosity.

“Humans are creepy and weird, were his words,” Mr. Pinto added while recounting his interview with Bhootnath.

The research paper has left many people horrified across the globe as they are looking for new ways to convince themselves that they were safe from ghosts.

“Tonight, I will ask a friend to stay in my room with me,” said an IT engineer from Bangalore, who was planning to watch Bollywood movie Veerana to celebrate the upcoming weekend.