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Smartphone maker Macromax offers 1 Cr package to IITian, hired to manage list of phone variants launched by the company

09, Feb 2016 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: Domestic handset maker Macromax managed to create buzz among placement circles by offering IIT Mumbai graduate a whopping 1 Cr salary package on day 1 of placements of the institute.

Its raining money
Its raining money

Rahul Awasthi, a computer engineer offered 1Cr by the company and believe it or not the job description requires him to ‘maintain an XL-sheet of the all the existing and future smartphone variants launched by the company.’

Apparently, the company has lost track of the number of variants they have launched’ in the market and need to keep a check so that they don’t end up repeating their smartphones.

Our reporter spoke to the senior HR manager of the company who took time out from his busy busy schedule of decorating office for Valentine’s Day and said, “90% of our resources are stuck up in managing our smartphones. And new variants keep popping up every other day. We thought hiring an IITian would be the best investment that will free up our resources. So we made the offer. Besides, these guys are very good with xl and ppts and anyway we most of them quit in a year.”

Many were shocked with the offer including company insiders who revealed that it was supposed to be a marketing gimmick.

“Yes we indeed made the offer. Most IITian’s who get 1Cr package usually reject such offers to ‘do something on their own’. We thought our offer would work in the same way, However Rahul has not yet refused the offer and it is a matter of concern for us,” said a source who didn’t wish to be named.

Meanwhile, Rahul was ecstatic with the offer and didn’t waste any time in posting it on Facebook.

Speaking to our reporter he also spoke about how things around him changed after he got the offer.

“I had very limited conversation with girls on the campus. They spoke to me only when they wanted help for assignments. But now I have got around 10 invites from my female batch mates for Valentine’s Day dinner date,” he said beaming with joy.