Monday, 6th April, 2020


Social distancing in Mumbai locals to stop coronavirus, Western Railway asks passenger to maintain 5cm distance as against the earlier 1cm distance 

13, Mar 2020 By @jurnoleast

Passengers in local trains in Mumbai might might get a little more breathing space thanks to latest announcement by Western Railways. As a measure against the spread of coronavirus, the Railways has asked passengers traveling in locals to practice social distancing.

the move is aimed at creating more space between two passengers so that human to human transmission of coronavirus can be controlled. Speaking to Faking News a highly placed official said, “Though an impossible task, we are committed to increasing the space between passengers to deal with coronavirus. So we have asked passengers to practice social distancing. The earlier distance of 1cm between passengers is now revised to 5cm. This applies to even those wearing masks.”

Local trains can get very crowded during peak hours. Last year two gay men who were kissing in a local train were later found to be straight and lip-locked due to heavy rush.

Railways will also penalize those who do not follow this practice. Ticket Checkers have been given a measuring tape to check the aforementioned 5cm gap between two passengers. “Any passenger found not maintaining that distance will be fined,” a TC said.

However, a WHO official that our reporter spoke to said that passengers traveling in Mumbai locals had nothing to worry from coronavirus. “The virus is fairly big. Given the microscopic distance between passengers in mumbai local, there is very possibility that the virus can squeeze itself in that little space,” the official pointed out.