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Social media speculations on color of dress atleast 10% more popular than speculations on missing aircrafts, says expert

06, Mar 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: Leading social media expert and professor of social psychology at Mumbai University, Dr. Virat Nova has claimed that all debates & speculations on the color of dress being blue vs golden are at least 10% more popular than the speculation and debates which happen when aircrafts go missing.

Dr. Nova has published these remarkable findings in his recently published technical paper named “Viral trends, a matter of digestive power.” Dr. Nova provided further details on his findings to reporters during a press conference.

Dress that has caught imagination of people.
Dress that has caught imagination of people.

“Let me talk about aircrafts first. When the flights go missing, we generally see participation from a certain set of individuals. First ones to start arguments are controversy theory professionals from around the world who specialize in analyzing plane trajectories, pilot behavior, air-hostess dressing and flight charts etc. We also see participation from some self-proclaimed weather and global warming experts who squarely blame mankind for these plane vanishings with no clear line of reasoning. Last but not the least, we have the some unstructured social media participants who argue and debate on supernatural causes, comment on body counts, discuss karma nuances and post other gory stuff such as blood laden clothes being found on crash sites. Thus missing-flights being a technical sort of controversy attracts a fairly large but in a way limited audience. But that is not the case with the simple looking controversies such as the dress color conflicts. Here every human being under the sun who has a pair of eyes becomes a subject matter expert of his own. So the audience and speculators here are fairly large. Consequently, you would expect infinite number of responses on dress color controversy. But still then the dress-color conflict is only 10% more popular than the missing aircrafts? That is a mystery in itself,” Dr. Nova asserted.

When asked about what are the other viral trends that exhibit such mysterious patterns, Dr Nova listed several other viral trends that seem confusing at first, but are actually correlated.

“In my experience, Easy-to-digest always gets more viral than tough-to-digest. That is the whole basis of my theory. Which is why you would notice that the cute baby pics & adorable puppy pics tend to get viral quickly and are at least 9 times as popular as naked African kid pics with visible rib-cages. Similarly, the debates on cultural implications of how girls dress are always more ferocious and well participated than arguments on stricter & faster punishment for rapists. Like-wise those people who are gladiators while listing ideologies of their favorite political party often become Mr. Bean when commenting on real issues plaguing our society,” he explained.

“Thus the common trend and connecting thread in all these situations is that the events and items which are easy to consume and comprehend get viral faster, than the things which are difficult to consume and understand. For example you would have seen thousands of likes and shares on beautifully styled pics of cheese pizzas with molten cheese dripping on the sides, but have you ever seen pics of a man chewing raw bitter-gourd going viral?” Dr. Nova concluded with a rhetorical question.