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Software Company forms committee to inquire why employee was working late during his notice period

29, Aug 2016 By RT

Bengaluru:  A Software company has formed an internal inquiry committee to find out why one of their employees was working late during his notice period. The employee, Mr. Kumar, was caught working for extra hours, for two days in a row, which is against the natural behavior of employees who have resigned.

Kumar caught working after office closing hours

“We have known Mr. Kumar for the past 3 years. He has behaved normally throughout the three years stay here. He worked till 11 PM during the first year, to avail the free cab ride to his home and free dinner, at office expenses. In the second year, like most of them, he realized he was missing the real happiness of evenings in the city; the happy hours and the colors of brigade road and M.G. road, which is quite different from the boring blue screen on his computer. He started to leave office at sharp 6:30 p.m. during normal days and at 7:00 p.m. during appraisal month”, the HR manager said explaining Kumar’s behavior.

“During the third year, he started asking his project manager for onsite opportunities and started wearing t-shirts to work. He started dropping hints that he is ready to go to USA by talking only about Hollywood movies and American Football. At the end of third year, he resigned. We were not surprised. Actually, if he had not resigned, we would have been surprised. With no American onsite trip in sight and having completed all movie downloads from the office Wi-Fi, there was nothing else for him to do. He started leaving exactly at 6:00 p.m. on most days now and started using the ‘Late coming’ and ‘Early leaving’ flexi policies on the other days”, the HR manager added.

He further said, “However, we got suspicious yesterday. Mr. Kumar was seen leaving office at 7:32 PM; his image is very clear in the security camera. First, we thought that it is a mistake, then we studied the log book carefully, the records and the CCTV footage indicated that he left at 7:46 PM the previous night. Leaving late from office, two days in a row, during the notice period is unprecedented. We have never seen such behavior from any of our former colleagues.”

“We have initiated this internal inquiry to find out what exactly he was doing in office so late. However, we don’t know what action we will take if we find out something wrong, Fire him? He already resigned. We are really curious to know what Mr. Kumar would have been doing in office after 6:00 p.m. during the notice period days. Hopefully we uncover the truth”, the HR manager concluded.

When we asked Mr. Kumar why he was staying in the office so late, he said, “Oh, my maid is on a 3 days leave so  I was taking dinner in office cafeteria before leaving.”