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Software engineer ‘reports abuse’ his manager on Facebook after appraisal

16, May 2011 By Ankur Nigam

Bangalore. In an incident, the first of its kind, a software engineer has reported his manager’s Facebook profile for abuse. Mukul Bhati, an employee of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), was reportedly peeved over the appraisal rating given to him by his manager Kumar Padmanabh (KP).

Working as a Junior Software Engineer in TCS for the last eight years, Mukul who joined the IT giant as a fresher, had almost reconciled himself to the harsh verdict but the latest status update from KP, proved to be the last straw for Mukul.

“I would be a billionaire if I was looking to be a selfish boss. That’s not me!” – was the status set by KP that forced Mukul to take the extreme step. For someone who comes across as a relatively timid guy, this was a David’s blow to Goliath.

Report a person on Facebook
These two steps on Facebook gave a lot of satisfaction to Mukul

“I have no regrets. On the contrary I feel free like a superman,” said an unrepentant Mukul. He adds, “I was very buoyant before the start of the appraisal meeting this time as my performance had literally ticked all the check-boxes present in the Expectations List. But it was all over for me as soon as KP started the meeting with the remark, ‘Mukul you have performed well this time and I am very happy with your efforts.’

The legend has it that whenever KP starts an appraisal meeting by praising your efforts, your appraisal grade has disaster written all over it. No wonder that in the step that follows reporting a person on Facebook, Mukul chose the option ‘This person is pretending to be someone else or is fake‘.

Oblivious to this latest development, the boss KP, in his routine fit of Facebook frenzy, was busy creating a new page that he would subsequently ask all his office sub-ordinates to ‘like’. It was then, while he was trying to share the link to the newly created page titled ‘Management lessons from KP’ with everyone, that the reality dawned upon him as he noticed Mukul’s name missing from the friend’s list.

Completely unmoved by the incident, KP says with a dismissive shrug, “Suffering from delusions of technical adequacy, Mukul was never the brightest bulb in the chandelier to begin with. Add to that his lack of height and a loud voice, the quality of leadership deserted him as well. He really thought getting piles for the project is a sufficient indication of commitment? Poor kid!”

Mukul however has received tremendous support from other fellow TCS engineers, receiving a whopping 129 friend requests since the incident. Although much to the sorrow of many of Mukul’s friends who wanted to ‘like’ this gesture of Mukul’s daredevilry on Facebook, they realized that reporting a person doesn’t comes as a status update. They have however stopped being KP’s neighbors in Farmville.

(reported by Ankur Nigam)