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Software Engineer shocks HR by asking for Technical Training Module on Uniform Civil CODE

05, Nov 2016 By Guest Patrakar

Bengaluru. HR Team at leading multinational software company was shocked when one of their senior employees Monty submitted a Technical training request on ‘Uniform Civil Code’.

Laughing out loud, HR Priya said that it was the strangest thing which she had seen in her career. “Everybody knows about Uniform Civil Code. It’s that thing related to the Civil Services, right,” she said while rolling her eyes.


Later, sources inside the Company confirmed that the employee Monty Singh has been recommended to read daily News from Faking News and also subscribe to Faking News Facebook feed to keep himself updated.

When questioned further, HR Priya told that in the past, Monty has requested technical training on every new software technology in the industry and he is just building his resume. He has not produced any output after attending so many costly training modules. Faking News could not contact Monty’s manager as he was busy in a instructor led Soft-skill training on ‘How to write great emails”. However, Monty’s colleagues confirm that Monty has certificates on all new programming languages but he is mostly an expert in sending emails and using MS Office.

Speaking to Faking news reporter, an embarrassed Monty said, “I thought that Uniform Civil Code is some type of Platform Independent language which works on all devices and is currently a buzz in the industry. So I must know it to get a better package. I had seen multiple TV shows and debates where lots of people were talking about it so I thought it is cool. That’s why I submitted a training request to learn it before anyone else in my team learns!”

He also said that he had requested for an instructor led full day training module on ‘How to read Daily News” for which the confirmation from the HR is still pending.