Son answers a 1 mark question incorrectly in board exam, depressed parents doubtful about his future

20, Mar 2019 By dasu

Kewal realized two minutes after the exam got over; he has done a cardinal mistake. “One full 1 mark question in math I answered wrongly”, told exasperated Kewal to his neighborhood friend Rancho.


Rancho who is a cent percent guy, knew the vital importance of this information going to Kewal’s parents.

“Rancho brain washed me, told me how Goerge washington told the truth to his father after he damaged his father’s favorite cherry tree. I should always tell the truth. Satyamev Jayate. Truth always prevails blah blah”, told Kewal while speaking to us.

“Didn’t realize that time I am falling to his trap. Mere ko nicha dikhane mein usko interest tha”, Kewal told in an angry tone.

After Kewal shared the bad news, not only he lost the laptop Papa had brought for him, even the AC in his room was taken by his parents to their room. His mother who had prepared kheer for him, did not offer him. “Do sukha phulka ke saath Lauki ka sabji diya. Bola khana hai to kha, nahin toh ja so jaa“, told Kewal while playing his favorite tune Meri Maa from Tare Zameen Par.

Kewal’s parents are worried about their son’s future. “Kya Kya socha tha iska barein mein. Miiti mein mila diya humara bharosa ka”, said Kewal’s father to his wife while repeatedly looking at Rancho’s parents WhatsApp status message where they have updated 400/400 for Ranch till now.

Kewal’s family is hoping this Rancho guy slips one day. “If this Thug slips two marks in last paper, I can still come ahead of him. At the end Jo jeeta wohi sikandar”, said Kewal who had done already sixteen rounds of Chemistry paper to score another 100 this time.