Son fails to post a Happy Mother's day message on Facebook, ends up eating 'lauki ki sabzi' for lunch and dinner

11, May 2020 By yogy

It was Mother’s Day on Sunday and social media was flooded with messages by users for their moms.


A Delhi based IT engineer however failed to post any Mother’s Day message on any social media platform, which led to him getting to eat lauki the entire day.

jasprit Singh aka Jassi, spends his entire day on social media. But yesterday when most of the messages were related to Mothers Day, Jasprit did the impossible. Not a single post or video to honor his mom.

His mom, not pleased with her son’s laziness, decided to take matters in her own hands. Sources say that she bought 5 kgs of lauki despite of limited supply during lockdown.

From the looks of it, the IT engineer will be having different variations of the dreaded lauki for the rest of the week.

Mommy Singh though did not blame Jassi entirely. “Uske papa ke genes hai. Woh bhi mera Birthday, wedding Anniversary bhool jaate the. And I used to give him the same treatment. But this behavior will not continue any further. And I know how to tackle this,” she said affirmatively.

though Jasprit did some damage control by hurriedly changing his status on Whatsapp, but that didn’t help much. No amount of coaxing either could mitigate the situation.

Jasprit’s father has refused to play the peacemaker. “I remember the time when I got the same treatment. My crime was that I didn’t bring the free dhaniya-mirchi from teh neighborhood sabziwala. I had to eat lauki for the entire month,” he said, still shuddering from the thought.