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Man found taking longest traffic route in Bengaluru to discourage mother-in-law from further visits

15, Sep 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Praveen Kumar, a techie in Bengaluru was taking advantage of his years of experience of staying in Bengaluru. After receiving her mother-in-law from railway station, he was taking a route which has maximum traffic density on the way. He was hoping by playing this trick, his mother-in-law will not feel like coming to this city anymore.

“I have problem in tackling Seema (his wife) and her mom one on one. when they both come together they are much more powerful, it’s like I have to be prepared to handle both China and Pakistan at the same time,” said Praveen.

Praveen added, “When Seema’s mom comes over, standard son-in-law like me do not have say on anything. Food that is prepared, TV shows to watch, which places to go over the weekend. No non-veg in house because she hates that. She likes red tea with ginger in the morning, Seema will say to make her happy, Praveen also likes that and will give me a big glass in front of her to finish,” said Praveen.

He added, “Office mein Manager jeena haram kar diya hai, Idhar Ghar mein my importance becomes like that of Manmohan Singh’s in congress party. Hence, I was compelled to do few things which I would not have done ‘normally’. Will book ticket in such a way so that she gets down at K.R. Puram railway station. As Seema and her mom are from different city, they do not know much of Bengaluru. I will check google map to find maximum traffic route option and then take that one.”

Praveen was caught red-handed when one day Seema took her mom for shopping by booking a taxi through online app. When her mother saw, the railway is hardly five kilometers from their home, for which Praveen took 20 kilometer route and three hours, Seema came to know about Praveen’s ‘tricks’.

Seema told her mom, “Aapki beti hoon, aaj aane do Praveen ko. Three hours he will watch only Arnab in action nothing else, after that he has to eat yesterday chapatti with day before yesterday’s karela ka sabji. Tomorrow morning neem leaves ka thandi chai.”