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South Mumbai girl found loitering in Mira road, news reporters scramble to cover shocking story

07, Dec 2018 By @jurnoleast

A South Mumbai girl was today found loitering in Mira road leading to mad frenzy among news channels to cover the shocking incident. Sources say Natasha Singhania, who lives in Malabar Hill was spotted outside the Mira road railway station late yesterday afternoon. What was initially dismissed as fake news to tarnish the image of SoBo residents was later found to be true as CCTV cameras showed Natasha walking along a street in the suburb.

“It was like spotting a yeti or an expression on Katrina Kaif’s face or a sensible story in a Salman movie. You know it is that important,” said an overenthusiastic reporter of a news channel.

Surprisingly, a few reporters even traced the girls family with just her name as the lead. “Jab last name Singhania hai toh industrialist ki beti hogi na. How hard is it to trace down an industrialist in the city,” remarked a reporter.

Fiery news anchor Arnab dumped his regular Ram Mandir debate for the for the breaking news on the SoBo girl.

Resident of Malabar Hill were not really pleased with the news. “For us Bombay exists only upto Bandra. Mira road sounds like a place from stone-age. Forget traveling to it, I wouldn’t even look at it on Google Maps,” said one resident who didn’t wish to be named.

The Association of SoBo girls too have taken a stand and are planning to cancel Natasha’s membership of the club.

The Singhania family refused to speak to the media to save themselves from further embarrassment. But close friends say that the family is not too angry with their daughter and are happy to have her back safely from Mira road. “Her father panicked when he saw the news on TV and dialed 911 to alert the cops to ensure her safety,” revealed a close friend.