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South Mumbai restaurant to fine patrons who ask for chai-tea instead of just tea 

05, Dec 2019 By @jurnoleast

Calling it a war against wannabe millennials, a restaurant in South Mumbai will be penalizing patrons who call chai as chai-tea when placing their order. “Our establishment has been serving tea since the last 75 years and we were not aware that the humble cup of tea has now evolved into chai-tea. I mean what the F is chai-tea. To my ears it sounds ridiculous,” the owner of the restaurant said while speaking to our reporter.

chait ea

“We have tried patiently telling our customers to refrain from using chai-tea because it sis nothing but saying ‘tea’ twice. In my books it is a crime,” he added.

The owner also revealed that girls from Bandra are notorious when it comes to committing the aforementioned crime. But all that will now end with the new fine in place.

“The fine is 100 rupees on first instance and if it continues we will make them watch Arnab’s debate as punishment,” he asserted.

When questioned if Arnab debate would be too harsh a punishment, the said, “We are in a way addressing the elephant in the room. People in this part of the city will ape the west blindly, even if it means looking stupid in front of others. I have overheard patrons discussing the health benefits of ‘golden milk’, which I later found out was nothing but good old haldi ka doodh. If this is harsh, so be it.”

Sources say that this is not an isolated case. Many restaurants in the vicinity are facing the same problem. The association of restaurant owners will also write to the state CM to end this menace.