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Speak Asia proposes free membership for Tihar jail inmates

28, May 2011 By Guest Patrakar

New Delhi. In a recent development, Tihar Jail Prisoner Welfare Committee has received an email request from Speak Asia Online Private Limited for encouraging prisoners to sign up for Speak Asia Online Surveys. The mail carries an interesting proposal where scam tainted leaders lodged in Tihar would be given free primary membership.

The leaders will then encourage fellow prisoners inside and followers outside to sign up for the surveys, thus improving their own chances of earning huge commissions.

The sender of the email, who signed off the email as “Main Bhi Ek Speak Asian Hoon”, claimed that he had statistical analysis derived from international surveys to prove that Indian politicians were the most qualified to manage and operate commission schemes. The email was replete with MBA jargon like synergy, core competencies, low hanging fruit, quick win etc. aimed at creating a favorable impression on Tihar management.

Speak Asia ad
Tihar jail authorities were reportedly impressed with the visual messages in the company ad and one of them even filled up the form for membership as soon as the email arrived.

According to sources, Tihar is considering the proposal seriously to keep the prisoners busy, since previous attempts of organizing cricket matches with elaborate strategic time-outs was met with lukewarm response as a typo had mentioned 20-20 cricket matches as 2G-2G.

Speaking to our reporter via Satellite phone, Speak Asia representative shared more details of the plan, “This is aimed at improving our image after recent news reports cast aspersions on our motive and called it a marketing ‘scam’. After tying up with reputed residents of Tihar jail, we can dismiss all such allegations as ‘conspiracy’ against us.”

Speak Asia representative declined to comment if their idea was inspired by this news report from China.

Meanwhile owing to the negative news reports about the company, an over enthusiastic member of the Jail management had informed the Delhi Police Cyber Cell and asked them to use the IP shit to find out the location of the sender of the mail. Cyber Cell head replied back with the message that internet was down and asked them to re-send the request later (sent from mobile via Blackberry).

(reported by Pratiroop Mehta)