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Speeding biker launches into space after hitting unexpected speed breaker on Bangalore road

19, Jul 2014 By manishpaul

Bangalore: It was a normal Sunday night until a very surprising and bizarre incident happened on the Outer Ring road in Bangalore. A biker, delighted and thrilled on seeing an empty road in Bangalore for the first time in several years, decided to test the speed limits of his bike while coming down a flyover.

Despite travelling frequently but never managing to cross 20kms per hour on that route, the biker did not realize that there was a speed breaker right at the end of the flyover. The biker hit the hump at neck-breaking speed, only to be launched into space due to the steep upward slope.

We used to travel daily on this road, but thought that it was just another pothole, said the biker’s girlfriend who was sitting behind him when the incident took place.

An eye-witness, who was peeing on the wall of the flyover said, I was electrified! First I thought that I had relieved myself on a live electric wire hanging from the pole next to me, but then I realized it was the excitement of seeing the man fly! Sadly the girl sitting behind the biker was not holding the biker tightly and so slipped and fell on the ground right before the take-off.

A car trying to repeat the same feat
A car trying to repeat the same feat

The public was exhilarated when they suddenly saw the biker defying gravity and flying in the air. I was stunned! said an auto-wallah who was fighting and demanding Rs. 30 extra from his customer at the time of the incident.

Some people thought that it was a shooting star and started wishing. I prayed for a new iPhone! said a disappointed 3-year old kid when asked about his wish.

Another frequent traveler in the city’s local BMTC buses told Faking News how he often jumped 3-4 feet in the air while sitting on the rear seat of the bus every time the bus hit this speed breaker.

It used to be so much fun, I always knew this speed breaker had the potential, said the emotional BMTC traveler.

Meanwhile the family of the biker has demanded clarity on his whereabouts from the government which has been busy trying to trace the progress of the biker. We are trying to determine the speed of the launch. We suspect that the biker may not have been at a sufficient speed to reach Mars and may just become a satellite around Earth, said the Government of India in its official statement released after trying to trace the biker using binoculars.

The BBMP which is responsible for construction of roads in Bangalore has taken the entire credit for this astonishing incident.

The day ISRO launched the cheapest Mars orbiter into space, we were confident that we can find a cheaper way to send people to space. The roads in Bangalore were designed with craters and speed breakers to help us achieve this dream and today we would like to invite ISRO to learn something from us, said the BBMP chief engineer.

On being asked why speed breakers had been constructed on roads despite traffic never reaching the speed to be ‘broken’, the BBMP official got offended and decided to ignore the question.

Meanwhile, NASA has decided to send its topmost scientists to Bangalore to study the road structure and find out how the BBMP has been able to provide such realistic craters and launch pads known as ‘speed-breakers’.