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"If you spend any more time debating triple talaq online, I will divorce you", wife warns husband

23, May 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: 32 yrs old Amit Kumar has received an ultimatum from his wife, stop spending your entire day discussing triple talaq or face talaq. Ever since the proceedings against triple talaq started in the Supreme Court, Amit has been discussing the pros and cons of the practice on all internet forums. Fed up of her husband’s obsession, Amit’s wife Sonia finally decided to issue this threat to get him to stop. Talaq

Explaining Amit’s behavior, Sonia said ,”He literally does nothing else at home after returning from the office. He just opens his laptop and starts debating triple talaq with random strangers. Even earlier he wasn’t much help around the house but now he has become totally useless. When I ask him to do some chores, he always tells me to wait a while since he is busy.”

“I asked him how it affects us since we are not Muslims, he told me that I don’t understand anything, this is important for our social fabric. What about the fabric for curtains I have been telling him to buy for a month. I even agreed to let him watch Arnab shout on Republic but apparently TV doesn’t interest him any more, online shouting is safe for the ears he said. I even threatened to go and live with my parents till his craze dies down but instead of getting upset, he immediately booked tickets for me. Now this threat of divorce is the last arrow in my quiver”, Sonia added.

We tried to get Amit’s side of the story but he wasn’t available for a comment as he was busy debating triple talaq on Twitter.