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After spending five years in the company, techie meets HR for first time on his last working day

25, Sep 2016 By dasu

Bengaluru: Techie Devesh Gowda resigned from his company after working for five years to pursue his career interest elsewhere. After resigning, Devesh finally met his HR manager during his exit interview.

HR department working hard

“It is not that I never tried to meet our HR manager but somehow it never worked out. HR sits in our corporate office which is located in another building so there was no chance of an accidental face to face meeting. I had heard from others experience that it is a futile exercise to reach HR person over the office land line number they mention in their email signature. Call will invariably land in their voice email system with a false automated response saying they will revert soon so I never tried that”, said Devesh.

“A few times I went to their office without taking any appointment but their nicely decorated cubicles were always unoccupied, how can anyone take a lunch break of 8 hrs yaar. Once I decided to resign, I marked a copy to our HR manager as well and that is when I finally saw a personal email from them, asking me to meet them for an exit interview.  The mail also had the detailed procedure I need to follow to get my relieving letter. I was asked to take some fifty signatures from different department heads before I will get chance to meet him on my last working day for the all-important exit interview”, Devesh said.

Devesh added, “HR person had warned me to be on time as they were super busy in decorating their office for Navaratri festival and they wanted to finish it before going on a long leave. To keep the exit interview short & efficient, HR person had already shared the questionnaire in multiple choice format in advance, which I was asked to fill before the meeting. Within five minutes, my relieving letter was in my hand, thanks to the efforts of such an organized team”

Meanwhile, the HR manager ws spotted removing the dust from a file marked “Feedback” and placing Devesh’s form there.